$16 & Up

You can’t beat these prices.  For centuries man has obsession over this tropical hothouse flower!  The Beauty! The Fragrance! Come by and pick one up for your today….

Hand-Made Leather Items

$11 & Up

These products are all hand-made by a local distributor in the USA!  The care and craftmanship can be felt in every stitch.  Since these are hand-made, they are in limited quantity so make sure you shop now for your fussiest of friends and get their Christmas present before they are gone. Cigarette cases $20, rattlesnake hair barrettes $14, wallets $22 & pouches $11.

Inspirational Plaques

$10 & Up

Etched wood words of inspiration. These are always welcome from friends and family as a daily reminder of who is in charge. All we have to do is seek guideance….

Orchid Accessories

$7.99 & up

Orchids have special pots to help with their longevity. Also made in the USA, these pots will fit any style or decore.  In a variety of gorgeous colors, these ceramic pots have a special draining system so your Orchids do not sit in water that will rot their roots.

More Orchids Accessories!!!

Priced per Item

Orchids can be a difficult plant to maintain at home. We have all you need to keep your plant happy & flowering year after year.  From Orchid bark, moss, food & of course, one-on-one instruction on best practices.

Unlimited Supply of Unique

$20 & up
The Titusville store is continually receiving new shipments so the inventory is always fresh. Stop by often to see what new items have arrived.

So you get the idea, Right?

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